Youth Panel

Cody VandenBosch

Cody VandenBosch is a Sophmore at Cascades Academy, Bend, Oregon. From his early education he has experienced the incredible world of experiential learning and critical thinking which has led him in development, design and problem solving. Through the guidance of his teachers and mentors, Cody has developed a keen interest for innovation, his skill set and interest in the field of robotics and engineering.
Cody has used his developing skills and critical thinking by travelling to Peru with the non-profit Quechua Benefit assisting with solar installation at the school, and the current project looking at options of water sourcing in the highlands to improve quality of life for the Andean farmers and their stock.

Cody is a deep thinker and problem solver. He is honored to be part of the Bend Design Council and looks forward to the opportunity of learning, sharing, creating and working towards the future.

Vivian Nye

Vivian Nye is a Senior at Bend Senior High School. She is a 17-year-old student whose interests include traditional drawing, painting, embroidery, and, on occasion, digital art and graphic design. Through her various forays into the art world, she has explored the role of art, media, and design within communities as well as in the pursuit of social justice. Vivian’s experiences include graphic design for World Muse’s photo project Seen & Heard and independent t-shirt design, production, and distribution. This past spring, she completed a student internship at Red Chair Gallery, during which she learned about the curation, presentation, and sale of art and photography.

With regards to her future, Vivian hopes to continue pursuing art and design as hobbies and learn more about design as a catalyst for political change, diversity in art and animation, and the interdisciplinary study of the arts and the social sciences. She also hopes to eliminate or reduce usage of the font Papyrus.

Mckenzie Lattig

Mckenzie Lattig is in 8th grade at Cascades Academy. Throughout the years she has participated in FIRST Lego Robotics as well as the High School FIRST Robotics challenge. This year she will participate in High School Robotics. McKenzie has a strong interest in art and math, and enjoys constructing and making things. She is also interested in all aspects of engineering and design and is excited to continue expanding her knowledge in Cascades Academy’s new IDEA lab.

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