Yong Bakos


Oregon State University

Shadertoy: Accidents and Inspiration for Beginners

October 26 | 10:30 & 3:30 | 90 Minutes | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Drake Room

Modern computer graphics incorporate the use of shaders, deceptively simple programs that control specialized graphics processing units (GPUs). From cinema to games, shaders control the appearance of pixels with seemingly magical algorithms that create structure or psychedelia. Create inspiring accidents by playing with Shadertoy in this guided, hands-on workshop for complete beginners. Come with a laptop, and leave with new possibilities. This is a hands-on workshop for programming novices who will experiment (play!) with existing shaders, and understand the fundamental concepts behind industry-leading computer graphics.

Example: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/MdSGRc

Where I'll Be

With a background in both the arts and software engineering, Yong Joseph Bakos pushes the boundaries of cross-disciplinary research and teaching. An Ohio native, Bakos previously served as the assistant department head of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Colorado School of Mines, where he taught for six years. Prior to OSU-Cascades, Bakos helped cultivate the Center of Creative Computation at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

A professional software engineer by trade, Bakos’ education is in art theory and practice (B.A., Northwestern University), and software engineering (M.S., Regis University); and he is completing his PhD in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University. His research interests include information-centric networks, software engineering, graphical user interfaces, operating systems, computer science education, and generative art. With over twenty years of experience, Bakos has worked with companies ranging from small startups to Apple. His musicianship has led him through collaborations as an artist and technologist in Chicago, Denver and Dallas, combining live code and music performance.