Victor Saad

Founder | Experience Institute

The Future of Work

October 20 | 9:30 | Tower Theatre

It’s no secret that the way we work and learn is changing. Navigating those changes can seem daunting. But it’s also a chance for us to reimagine how to engage the world and grow in our craft. Join us as we explore and prepare for shifts in modern work and look beyond the traditional rhythms of vocation and industry.

Leap! An Experiment in learning anything through experience

October 21 | 10:30 | 90 Minutes | The Capitol

Victor Saad of the Experience Institute believes that education is something that you can not only consume, but also create through risk, community, and reflection. Join a hands-on workshop with Victor and co-facilitator Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom as they share the simple process and award-winning tool that can empower you to design 90-day projects around your passions, curiosities, and industries. $10 material fee.

Where I'll Be

October 20 | 9:30 The Future of Work

Victor Saad believes that education is broken and the future of work depends on a new way of approaching how we all learn.

In 2012, he nearly participated in a traditional MBA program, but instead, chose to design his own Master’s through 12 projects around the world in 12 months. His “Leap Year Project” led him into his most transformative experiences, a community book project, a staged graduation at TEDxWindyCity and the launch of a new type of school, Experience Institute. Ei is reimagining the bridge between work and learning for college and graduate level students.

Victor has worked with companies and institutions of all shapes and sizes – from Stanford’s d.school to Leo Burnett – and was recently inducted into Forbes30Under30 for his work in Education. When he’s not working with students, companies, and universities, he’s writing his first children’s book or exploring the world of Slam Poetry.