Tiffany Lee Brown

Writer / Editor / Artist


Meet-Up – The Dark Side of Engagement

October 26 | 1:30 | 90 Minutes | Deschutes Brewery Tap Room

Darth Vader breathes through his black helmet and beckons toward you. “If you only knew the power of The Dark Side!” he says. “Join me.” You scream “Noooo!” and grab your light saber, because you want to do what’s right. What happens in real life is far more subtle. Entrepreneurs, nonprofits, artists, marketing professionals, everyday Joes: Everyone’s scrambling for engagement and the fabulous social media metrics that go with it. But digital device engagement is causing significant harm to our personal lives, relationships, and our democracy. Research shows it’s linked to increased anxiety and depression, especially among kids and adolescents. Can we encourage responsible technology use in our businesses, our clients, and—let’s face it—ourselves? How can we bring more integrity, meaning, and compassion to our work? Let’s dig into these issues together at Bend Design. Please bring your most open self to the conversation. Light sabers optional. “Use the Force, Luke!” —Obi Wan-Kenobi

Where I'll Be

T is a writer, editor, poet, mom, and interdisciplinary artist living in the woods of Oregon. Her nonfiction has appeared in Wired, Utne, The Oregonian, Bust, Oregon Humanities, Bookforum, Portland Monthly, and BoingBoing, along with various anthologies. She attempts to promote values of meaning, creativity, and integrity in her strategic, branding, and editorial projects. Her client list includes Nike, Samsung, NBC/Universal, and the musician Sting, along with local favorites like Fort George Brewery and Kid Made Camp. She frequently collaborates with the Portland-based firm Plazm, which now operates in Central Oregon as well, and teaches in the Masters of Humanities program at Prescott College. Find out more about her work at tiffanyleebrown.com.