Steffanie Lorig

Creativity consultant | Illustrator | Fine Artist | SteffanieLorig.com

Creative Superpowers: Harnessing Talent for Social Good

October 27 | 10:30 & 3:30 | 90 Minutes | Oxford Hotel, Lava Room

Steffanie Lorig used design thinking to create a social venture that changed an industry and helped over 155,000 children internationally. Join her as she reflects on lessons learned and dives into practical ideas of how you too can make a world of difference in your own community. She’ll help you unpack your own personal mission statement and workshop ways to take creative ideas for social good to the next level.

Where I'll Be

With roots firmly in the design world as well as experience building a world-class social enterprise, Steffanie Lorig is an influencer who combined design thinking and business strategy to produce a portfolio of innovative, therapeutic books and trainings that have helped over 155,000 children internationally. She is the author of 10 books, is the recipient of the “Light A Fire” Award from Seattle Magazine for her work at Sandy Hook, and is a four-time recipient of Sappi’s Ideas That Matter grant. Steffanie now spends her time as a creativity consultant, illustrator, and fine artist whose painting style has been described as a mix between Art BrĂ¼t and Contemporary Expressionism.