Melissa Nordquist

Collaboration Next: from Hands-on to ‘Holodeck’

October 21 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | The Capitol

DeForest Architects utilize cutting edge technology in order to create new opportunities for close collaboration, regardless of location or proximity. Explore this exciting new frontier of virtual workspace and experience via a team-oriented workshop in which small groups of attendees will brainstorm and develop traditional models for a Bend-based bike repair kiosk, then walk through the winning design as a VR ‘Holodeck’ (built that day at DeForest’s Seattle offices) at the conference’s evening reception.

Where I'll Be

Melissa Nordquist is an architect with DeForest Architects in Seattle, and for six years she has called Tacoma, Washington her home. Along her route to the Pacific Northwest, she has lived and worked in Boston, Houston and San Francisco. She majored in Economics at Williams College, and soon followed up with a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her personal pursuits include drawing, printmaking, jewelry casting, road bike riding, and swimming in the Puget Sound.