As Founder and Executive Director, Kassin is responsible for Interior Design Fair (IDF) vision, strategy, and leadership. In addition to overseeing the design firm’s day-to-day operations and business development, Kassin is directly involved on client projects as a creative catalyst. Under her direction, IDF creates innovative residential interiors and brings company brands to life in 3D. Kassin has spearheaded the design and style of countless residential and commercial projects, including national and global Airbnb offices, Tradeshift, 23andMe, Everlane, and several tech startups and design-forward businesses.

Her passion for both forward-thinking design and excellent customer service is influenced by her background in various design and management roles with several top Bay Area design firms, most recently as Director at Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home and formerly for Steven Miller Design Studio and Jeffers Design Group. Believing that spaces can alter how you feel and amplify who you are and what you bring to the world, Kassin contributes inspired design solutions to philanthropic enterprises such as the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) and the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

IDF’s work has been featured on the San Francisco Business Time’s Coolest Office Spaces list and has been published in many local and national publications, including Architectural Digest, California Home + Design, Metropolis and Vanity Fair.