John DeForest

Collaboration Next: from Hands-on to ‘Holodeck’

October 21 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | The Capitol

DeForest Architects utilize cutting edge technology in order to create new opportunities for close collaboration, regardless of location or proximity. Explore this exciting new frontier of virtual workspace and experience via a team-oriented workshop in which small groups of attendees will brainstorm and develop traditional models for a Bend-based bike repair kiosk, then walk through the winning design as a VR ‘Holodeck’ (built that day at DeForest’s Seattle offices) at the conference’s evening reception.

Where I'll Be

John founded DeForest Architects with a vision of developing a more collaborative, hands-on approach to design and a passion for making new connections between people, building, and ideas. Whether working with trace and pencil or cutting edge VR technology, his goal is to bring out the best in each project by making the design process accessible and engaging for all. John is a northwest native who has practiced in Boston, San Francisco, and Connecticut. He majored in Architecture and Engineering at Yale and received his Masters from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design where he received the school’s AIA Medal for Overall Academic Achievement. He was a founder of the CORA chapter in Seattle, a network dedicated to fostering dialogue among residential architects at a local and national level. DeForest Architects currently has projects in five states and has been published widely.