Joel Pilger


THE GENIUS GAP: Unleashing Great Creative

October 26 | 1:30 | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Rambler Room

Every creative yearns to produce great work but often feels underutilized and under appreciated. This workshop will reveal how thriving creative businesses empower mere mortals to produce truly great creative, as well as their secrets that you can apply to your craft.

Where I'll Be

Joel Pilger is “The Creative Entrepreneur Consultant” inspiring a global community of owners how to run a great creative company that is also a strong, multi-million dollar business. Joel works exclusively with owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as Consultant and Partner at RevThink, the consultancy for next-generation creative entrepreneurs. His clients are based in the US and 19 countries around the world. Joel also leads QOHORT — the Quarterly Cohorts of Creative Entrepreneurs — hosting quarterly dinners in New York City, Los Angeles, and Denver (London, Atlanta, DC, and San Francisco coming soon). In addition to hosting the RevThinking podcast, Joel speaks at a variety of conferences, associations, and universities. He has authored for Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Post Perspectives and PromaxBDA Brief magazines.

Joel is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences / Primetime Emmy Awards.