Kim Kovel & Jeff Kovel

architect / innovation / brother and sister


2018 | October 25 | 30 Minutes | Tower Theatre


October 26 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Rambler Room

Where I'll Be

2018 | October 25 TBA
October 26 | 8:30 TBA


Before her top-secret role in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, Kim Kovel helped craft Nike’s creative vison as the Global Color Design Director of Footwear. Kim’s breadth of experience, from earning a Masters Degree in Architecture, to launching a snowboard apparel brand, creating custom jewelry from baby teeth, writing the first, best, and only cancer coloring book for adults, designing interiors with Skylab Architecture, and collaborating with brands such as adidas-Salomon, Fila, Patagonia, and Moncler, exemplifies that following your gut, not the rules, is a pretty good path. She loves what she does, and hopes you will too.


Jeff Kovel is the founder and design principal of Skylab in Portland, Oregon. While his work has an international audience, much of his most iconic work has been designed and built in his hometown. Kovel has been a leading creative force in the dramatic evolution of Portland over the last two decades and his work can be found in wildly different contexts. He has made his mark at both street level in the city’s oldest neighborhoods and across the city’s nascent skyline. His architectural vision and creative curiosity is diverse, spanning residential, commercial, civic, retail, prefab, museum exhibitions and athletic venues. With Kovel there has always been a focus on a fresh approach — thinking smarter about materials, site, and the natural world to make iconic and lasting work.