James Keller

Uncorked Studios

Designing for a Peak Experience

October 27 | 8:30 & 1:30 | 90 Minutes | Oxford Hotel, Bond Room

During this adventure you will be given the tools to strategize, ideate, and design a series of compelling, successful experiences that span the lifetime any complex customer lifecycle! Let James and Patrick guide you through a holistic design strategy process for helping people plan the perfect vacation – an optimal scenario for designing for an extended user journey. Join us and learn how to captivate the user at each step in the decision process by leveraging real design research, concrete business objectives, and tools for linking together each moment along the way. After all, in this world where everyone is so damn busy, there is no greater honor (or responsibility!) than helping someone plan their perfect getaway.

Where I'll Be

October 27 | 8:30 & 1:30 Designing for a Peak Experience

Ms. James Keller is a designer of both products and teams, and believes in solving all sorts of problems using the fundamentals of human-centered design. She believes that curiosity is the perfect compliment to strategy, empathy is at the heart of innovation, and that the best products are both useful and beautiful. James once co-founded and led design at an agency named Small Society which was later acquired by @WalmartLabs, where James helped to define the next generation of mobile retail experiences, where digitally-enabled products augment the physical retail environment. These days she spends most of her energy leading the Semiotics practice at Uncorked Studios – trying to create and facilitate environments that elicit sparks of inspiration – whether from colleagues, clients, or customers.