Heidi Hackemer

Designing a life, a company and the world from pain

2018 | October 25 | 30 Minutes | Tower Theatre

We often try to avoid pain. But in embracing it, we can create a better life, better companies and a better world. In this talk, Heidi Hackemer, VP of Engagement at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, will share how she has designed from pain in the past ten years to reset her life, to build a thriving company and, now, through working with her colleagues at CZI, take on society’s most challenges issues like criminal justice reform.

Where I'll Be

Heidi Hackemer leads the Engagement team at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropy that is committed to building a better future for everyone. The Engagement team uses the levers of advocacy, communication, cultural interaction, policy and technology to help drive CZI’s goals forward.

Heidi is also the Founder and Chairman of Wolf & Wilhelmine, a brand strategy shop that helps brave clients such as Nike, Oscar and Airbus make real impact in the world. W&W is known for being a strong advocate for non-traditional approaches to talent, as evidenced by its all-female leadership team and the diverse profiles throughout the company. She co-founded the Creative Alliance, an organization that matches powerful initiatives with powerful creators to make a positive change in the country by activating communities.

Heidi spent her early career working at top shops in the advertising and marketing world in both the US and Europe, working with clients such as Google to launch Chrome, Chromebook and Glass, serving as the brand lead for Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group as well as collaborating with clients such as LEGO, the BBC, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Sony to create award-winning work.

Heidi co-created Six Items or Less, a clothing consumption experiment that was featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America as well as press all over the world. She also spent two years traveling the country for her American Dream project, an exploration into understanding what makes America tick.

She consulted with the Obama White House across several issue areas, is a frequent speaker and has taught at Hyper Island in Sweden, Duke University and Miami Ad School.