Dana Reason

musician / improvisor / educator


Acoustic Diaries: The Art and Practice of Sounding Yourself

October 26 | 10:30 & 3:30 | 90 Minutes | McMenamins, Rambler Room

How do acoustic elements such as music, noise, and sound influence creativity and community? Can developing and utilizing an ongoing personal sound practice spark more expansive, generative, and creative environments and outcomes? This workshop gives us the opportunity to learn how a personal sound practice engages with hearing, listening, and sounding, to expand creativity, connection, and cognition. No musical experience is necessary to attend this workshop, but we do recommend brining a smart phone, a set of ear buds, and an object that has special significance to you. We will use our bodies, voices, and natural environment to create sound.

Where I'll Be

Dana Reason is a Canadian-born composer, musician, sound artist and music researcher. She was part of The Space Between trio with electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros. Documented on over sixteen recordings, Reason has created music for film, theatre, and large and small ensembles. In fall 2016, she toured with Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and his Heart of a Forest project.

As a pianist, she was part of the soundtrack for Within Our Gates and Body and Soul (music by Paul Miller) on Pioneers of African-American Cinema (Kino-2016) and the PBS documentary soundtrack Birth of a Movement (2017). As a performer, she has toured the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and Canada. Her composition “Currents” for wind ensemble as well as her trio album “Angle of Vision” were both long listed for GRAMMY awards in 2014. Reason exhibited her first conceptual sculpture, “UnHeard,” at CEI Artworks in 2016. Her sound/art work “Folded Subjects: Olive Rose” (2017), was part of an exhibit at McGill University in Montreal Canada.

In 2018, Reason completed the feature film score “Back to God’s Country” (1919) for Kino Lorber as part of a new collection of films dedicated to early women directors in silent film. This film features the director/featured actor Nell Shipman, and became one of the most famous silent films in Canada. Reason premiered the score with live accompaniment at BAM Cinematek Series in New York in July, 2018.

Her research and writings are available at Wesleyan University Press, Columbia University Jazz Studies Online, 20th Century Music, and Musicworks Magazine. Reason holds a B.Mus (McGill University), MA in Composition (Mills College), and a PhD in Critical Studies / Experimental Practices in music (University of California, San Diego).

She was the Director of Popular Music Studies at Oregon State University from 2011–2015 and is currently the Coordinator of Contemporary Music and Research at Oregon State University.