Chris Riley


From his early days as a geography teacher to his role as a leader of Strategic Planning at Wieden + Kennedy and then as part of the leadership team in the Marcom group at Apple Inc, one idea has consistently inspired Chris: we need to learn from people, not just about them. He has worked passionately as an advocate for understanding the role culture plays in creating our world view. His unique blending of social science and cultural insight has led him to be involved in work that is not only highly creative and provocative, but culturally influential. His work, with others, has helped brands like Nike be global, launched powerful technologies such as iPhone, iPad and Intel Macs, and explored challenging issues such as the meaning of beauty in a multicultural world. He has also been deeply involved in how digital technologies transform young lives and what the role of public broadcasting could be as a world media. With Studioriley he leads a team that helps people navigate the maze of uncertainty that defines modern markets by combining the rigor of analytics with the power of creative insight.

Studioriley’s clients, past and present, include Shiseido, Uniqlo, Samsung, Nikon, Umpqua Bank and KCET/Link in Los Angeles. He is currently working on a radio series with Alex Chadwick, of NPR fame, in partnership with Ecotrust. He lives in Portland, Oregon most of the time.

Where I'll Be

October 26 | 1:30 The ethics of content
October 27 | 10:30 The Ethics of Content