Chris Fasan

Creative Director / Designer / Brand Consultant

Version-X Design Corp

Meet-Up – How to Be Better at Bad Clients

October 26 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | Deschutes Brewery Tap Room

Pretty much anyone who has clients has had bad ones. Where creative businesses are concerned, bad clients seem to come with the territory and they can do some serious damage. They’re like business vampires–sucking away your time, creative energy, budget, resources, confidence and potentially your reputation.

Yes, bad clients suck. But fear not, in this Meet Up, we will discuss various ways you can recognize, deal with and protect against their various shenanigans in an effort to keep your profits high and your stress levels low. Even more importantly, we’ll talk about how you can do your best to keep these relationships from going south in the first place. We will conclude with small group discussions and maybe even a bit of roll playing if you’re lucky.

Where I'll Be

Chris Fasan is a creative agency owner, brand consultant, creative director and hands-on designer here in Bend. Over the past 15 years he’s had many a good and bad client while running his creative agency Version-X Design Corp. A few years ago he decided to ditch the big office and full-time staff in LA and re-explore the joys of solopreneurship. He’s been enjoying what he does a whole heck of a lot more ever since.

Last year Chris started a creative professionals group called COPR in an effort to foster a more thriving, actively engaged design community in Central Oregon. He’s hoping that this and other efforts can help guide, grow and mentor the next generation of local creative talent.