Bend Design Challenge Team

Bend Design Challenge: The Housing Game

October 21 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | The Old Stone Performing Arts Center

The Housing Game is an interactive and educational game created as part of the Bend Design Challenge. Put yourself in the shoes of those working for affordable housing in Bend, and, in doing so, come to better understand the complex issues as well as uncover potential solutions to Bend’s housing dilemma.

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Where I'll Be

A diverse group of community members responded to the call for volunteers to participate in the Bend Design Challenge, a project using design thinking methods to come up with practical, creative potential solutions to Bend’s housing dilemma. Team members include:

  • Greg Amanti: Artisan and mixed media artist. Was once almost killed by an abstract onion created by Frank Stella when it fell from a ceiling. 
  • Heather Crank: Motion graphics artist. Former belly dancer who grew up in Bend.
  • Steve Lamerdin: General contractor. Works to support his multiple human-powered recreational addictions.
  • Bridget McGinn: Marketing director and freelance writer. Completed the Paris marathon years ago, loves beagles and kdramas.
  • Robin Sullivan: School administrator and educator. Built her own net-zero home as well as a few log cabins.
  • Rachel Stemach: Architect dedicated to community and historic preservation. Has been a Bend resident for 30 years.
  • Stacey Stemach: Architect specializing in sustainability and design. Refused to volunteer his personal legos for Bend Design.

ML Vidas: Architect with a focus in sustainability. Happily provided hundreds of vintage legos from her collection for the project.