Babs Stevens

Design Thinking Workshop

October 21 | 8:30 | 90 Minutes | Oxford Hotel, Minnesota Ballroom

Babs and René believe that when it comes to design thinking, the “right idea” is just one of many. Broaden your comfort zone and expand your creative sense of possibility while working in small interdisciplinary teams to develop a range of solutions for a local company in an booming category business. Come open-minded, leave inspired.

Where I'll Be

October 21 | 8:30 Design Thinking Workshop

Babs honed her design thinking skills under one of the design thinking masters, David Kelley, while doing her graduate school work in the Stanford Product Design Program. Babs has been on design and marketing teams at American Greetings, Atlas Snowshoe Company and Columbia Sportswear Company, and she was a Global Creative Director at Nike. She now works out of her studio in Bend and loves taking design thinking projects into local K – 12 classrooms.