Ashley Shaffer

Design Lead | IDEO

Design & Government: How can governments be more citizen-centered?

October 20 | 1:30 | Tower Theatre

Around the world, our governments are looking for better ways to help citizens become more healthy, more informed, and more resilient. At IDEO, we approach these challenges with a human-centered lens – reframing citizens as customers. How can we design a voting system that’s intuitive and equitable for everyone? How can a website serve the needs of every resident? How can a public school cafeteria build new eating rituals? Stories of citizen-centered design at work.

Ashley Shaffer is a Design Lead at the global design firm, IDEO. With experience across a variety of industries including food & beverage, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and social impact, Ashley specializes in designing experiences for people by understanding their hopes, fears, motivations, and influences.

Throughout her time at IDEO, she’s helped bring a new brand and business to life for MassMutual, has rethought the future of food with Target, and reimagined the fan experience for the live audience of NBC Television. Prior to IDEO, she spent 5 years in advertising helping brands like New Balance, Jack Daniel’s, and the truth(R) campaign bring their messages to the forefront of culture and consumer behavior.