April Greiman


Made in Space

Color Is

October 25 | 1:30 | Tower Theatre

My work interest has always been a study in, and observation of, light and space.

Often technically two-dimensional, certain projects demand space around them in a specific way, attest to a longstanding relationship with architecture – the impact on the senses at different scales, creating tactile and experiential opportunity, exploring color as an object in and of itself.

While scale change encourages a cycle of (re)creating, color and light play the more significant part of creating, perceiving, and appreciating ‘environment.’

Color is space, space is color, color is light.

Color can heal, raise one from the dead.

Where I'll Be

October 25 | 1:30 Color Is

April Greiman has been recognized for revolutionary digital imaging work, and has been instrumental in the acceptance and use of advanced technology in creative processes since early 1980s. In 2014 April was featured in Apple’s documentary, ‘Mac @ 30’ recognizing 30 creative individuals contributions to the creative fields, and most recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Typographic Arts, Chicago. An AIGA Medalist, Chrysler Awardee for Innovation, National Design Award Finalist in the inaugural year, 2000, she is often referred to by her small studio staff as the OG! Greiman, an educator, former Director, Visual Communications Program, Cal Arts; former faculty, Southern California Institute of Architecture; current faculty, Woodbury University School of Architecture. Published extensively, including four monographs, lectured, exhibited worldwide, works in museum collections, among them Pompidou Center, MOMA, LACMA and SFMOMA. She has 4 honorary doctorates, a big garden, even owns a motel/spa in the California desert!