Ann Friedman

Freelance Journalist | www.annfriedman.com

Follow Your Bliss. Then What?

October 20 | 1:30 | Tower Theatre

Most of us have been told to “do what you love” at some point. But it’s really not that simple. There are downsides to monetizing your creative work—and upsides to keeping your art for yourself. How do you design a (work) life that balances doing what you enjoy with the realities of needing to make money?

Where I'll Be

October 20 | 1:30 Follow Your Bliss. Then What?
Ann Friedman is a freelance journalist who writes about gender, politics, technology, and culture. She is a columnist for New York magazine and the Los Angeles Times, and a contributing editor to The Gentlewoman. She also co-hosts the podcast Call Your Girlfriend, makes hand-drawn pie charts, and sends a popular weekly email newsletter.