Angela Luna

Founder and CEO | ADIFF

Clothing For Crisis

October 26 | 1:30 | Tower Theatre

Many factors that contribute to the safety of refugees and migrants worldwide; some allowing them to cross borders undeterred or be assisted in a moment of life or death. Clothing has typically NOT been considered one of these safety facilitators or a crisis aids. Apparel with intentional and innovative design CAN, however, offer aid in emergency situations, as well as combat prejudice and ignorance, promote solidarity, and spread awareness. Angela Luna will highlight these crisis-aiding values and how we all can contribute to this cause.

MASHUP : Conscious Intention

October 26 | 5:00 | 120 minutes | Hot Box Betty

Feel It, Think It, Do It:  Post your conscious intention for Shaping Our Future with temproary tattoo company, Conscientious Ink.

Recontextualizing Fashion

October 27 | 10:30 | 90 Minutes | The Capitol

In order to understand the full potential of our clothing, we need to recontextualize its place in society and start considering it as a tool. Through this workshop, participants will explore the varying possibilities for clothing and design to be used a utilities in addressing societal issues. Any traditional interpretations of fashion will be questioned, as we examine just how far clothing can go in responding to developments in our modern world, and just how important it is in our daily lives.

Where I'll Be

October 26 | 1:30 Clothing For Crisis
October 26 | 5:00 MASHUP : Conscious Intention
October 27 | 10:30 Recontextualizing Fashion

Angela Luna is the Founder and CEO of ADIFF, a humanitarian clothing startup that uses design intervention to assist globally displaced persons. A graduate of Parsons the New School for Design with a BFA in fashion design, she is redesigning the fashion industry to be more inclusive and proactive. Angela is a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017, winner of Parsons’ 2016 Designer of the Year Award, and winner of the Eyes on Talents Innovation Award. Based in New York, she is a solution-based designer who is committed to creating products and services that better the world.