Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom

Leap! An Experiment in learning anything through experience

October 21 | 10:30 | 90 Minutes | The Capitol

Victor Saad of the Experience Institute believes that education is something that you can not only consume, but also create through risk, community, and reflection. Join a hands-on workshop with Victor and co-facilitator Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom as they share the simple process and award-winning tool that can empower you to design 90-day projects around your passions, curiosities, and industries. $10 material fee.

The son of an architect and public school teacher, Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom has been designing and facilitating engaging learning environments for more than 20 years. 

Charting a path that led him from summer camps to outdoor ed programs, and from high school classrooms to teacher professional development, he’s consistently pursued the question of how to create spaces that honor all of who people are and help them to connect their passions and skills to needs in the world. 

In 2014, he joined the Experience Institute team as Director of Programs, and has helped  develop new programs in K12, higher ed, and corporate spaces. 

When not working, Aaron enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team and building castles with his 3 year-old daughter.