Mash Up Downtown Bend

October 20 | 5:00
120 minutes

Wrap-up Day One of BND DSGN CON with creative surprises that mix mingling with making. Meet speakers and like-minded design thinkers while you visit design-oriented businesses in downtown Bend.


Crow’s Feet Commons: 875 NW Brooks Street with April Soetarman + Victor Saad

SZABO Landscape Architecture: 1000 NW Wall Street, Suite 250 with Elena Moon

REVOLVR Menswear: 945 NW Wall Street with Evan Clabots

The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin: 147 NW Minnesota Avenue with Ann Friedman + Ashley Shaffer

Hot Box Betty 903 NW Wall Street with John C Jay

Legum Design: 922 NW Bond Street 5th High Desert Design Council Design Competition

Liberty Theater Hub: 835 NW Wall Street Bend Design Screen Printing with Sweet Pea Cole