Hosted Conversations

October 26 | 7:00
90 Minutes

Hosted Conversations is an opportunity for Bend Design attendees to become better connected based on their shared pursuits. This happens in small group conversations hosted by one volunteer willing to make a dinner reservation and propose a focal point for a shared dinner conversation.

To participate, hosts will make dinner reservations at local Bend restaurants and invite other attendees to sign up to join their party for a dinner conversation where design-related pursuits, curiosities and projects are explored.

Building A Creative Agency : People & Money

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  • Restaurant: Joolz
  • Cuisine: Restaurant with fabric-draped ceilings serving locally sourced Middle Eastern/Southwestern dishes.
  • Seats: 15
    Average Entree Price Point: $16
  • Description: What is required to build a modern creative agency? What type of people do you need to make this business work? What should educational programs be doing to ensure that students are being aligned to what the modern economy demands of studios and agencies. The advertising sector is a fast evolving part of our economy and in this discussion you’ll hear from studio owners, directors and artists studios need to thrive. We’ll discuss the business side of making creative work and our panel will make predictions about where our industry is headed.

Chris Kelly


Chris Kelly is the co-founder of Oddfellows, an award winning creative agency with offices in Portland and San Fransisco.
twitter.com/@oddfellowstv www.instagram.com/oddfellowstv

Ryan Summers

Digital Kitchen

Ryan Summers is a creative director at Digital Kitchen in Chicago and has been deeply involved in education through various programs.
twitter.com/@digitalkitchen www.instagram.com/oddernod/

Michael Jones

MoGraph Mentor

Michael Jones is the founder of MoGraph Mentor an online mentorship program that offers in depth courses for undergraduate level students.
twitter.com/@MoGraphMentor www.instagram.com/mographmentor/

Rob Garrott


Rob Garrott is a Content Manager at Linkedin Learning (Lynda.com), a teacher, a mograph artist and a video editor. He’s had a “circuitous” career path based on a few very key moments.
twitter.com/@bendingpixels www.instagram.com/bendingpixels/

Own Your Success: Yes, you are really good at your job

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  • Restaurant: 5 Fusion
  • Cuisine: Sushi
  • Seats: 6
    Average Entree Price Point: $20
  • Description: Do you chalk your accomplishments up as flukes or “no big deal”? Do you think, “If I can do it, anyone can”? Do you feel like you’re just fooling your peers and directors – or worse – that they’ll discover you’re a fraud? If so, join the club! The goal of this conversation will be to provide a safe forum where we can talk about Imposter Syndrome and the ways in which we all experience self-doubt. We will discuss why highly skilled creatives often struggle to believe in their own abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes. We’ll explore how this inhibits our progress, leads to self-handicapping tendencies like perfectionism and procrastination, and how overcoming it will make us better designers and stronger leaders. By talking freely about our own imposter experiences we’ll nurture the understanding that we as individuals are not isolated in this experience. Finally, we’ll share strategies that enable us to fully enjoy our successes, ditch our self-imposed limitations, and own our accomplishments.

Troy Coleman


Forget the concept of magical ability and its evil twin phrase, “I’m just not good at that.” As a Designer turned Environmental Scientist turned Creative Director, Troy is part design, part science. He knows a thing or two about changing course and acknowledging your own mad skills. After close to a decade of tromping through the wetlands of the Pacific Northwest, Troy joined Bungie Studios to brand “Halo 3” and then produced “Taste Magazine” for PCC Community Markets. He now leads the Creative Team of talented, scrappy go-getters at PicMonkey.
twitter.com/@oldsven instagram.com/fastertroy/

Designing Your Life: Designing something changes the future that is possible.

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  • Restaurant: Barrio
  • Cuisine: Latin Inspired
  • Seats: 10
    Average Entree Price Point: $18
  • Description: Are you at a point in your life where don’t know what you should be doing? Or you wish you were doing something else but you don’t know what it is? Great, let’s chat about how you can use design thinking to create your future, one with meaning and where you thrive. We’ll discuss what happens when you push past the first idea of yourself and how you can allow your failure (yes failure happens to everyone) to move you forward. The evening discussion is inspired by the book “Designing Your Life,” but isn’t a required read to join. It also doesn’t matter where you are in your career, or how young or old you are, let’s talk about building a well-lived, joyful life.

Lisa Sipe

Binary Star Systems

Lisa Sipe lives a life steeped in creativity and design. She is the co-founder at Binary Star Systems where she uses her award-winning design skills to make businesses shine. Sipe co-created Chopped at home style mobile apps FoodFu Cooking & Drinking Games and she is a freelance food writer at The Source Weekly. She is also a fine artist who has exhibited nationwide with work in the permanent collection of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

A Conversation About Conversational UIs

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    • Restaurant: 900 Wall
    • Seats: 6
      Average Entree Price Point: $18
    • Description: A Conversation About Conversational UIs
      The arrival of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and a Cambrian bloom of new hardware has given rise to a new generation of user interfaces. Let’s talk about conversational UIs, chatbots, and pure voice-based UIs. Where is this going? What are the implications for you if your company or clients have been focused on visual UIs up until now? What works and what doesn’t?

    Steve de Brun

    de Brun Design, MicroHero, StockTouch

    Steve de Brun is an entrepreneur and product and design executive. He began his career at vivid studios, an early interactive shop in San Francisco, and then moved on to work as a Creative Director at News Corporation and a VP of User Experience at venture-backed startup Guru.com. Recently, he created StockTouch, awarded “Best in Finance” by Apple, and MicroHero, an app that encourages social good via small daily actions.

    Steve works with clients in the areas of product conceptualization, user interface design, information architecture, data visualization, branding, marketing and communications. Steve has helped build the creative platforms and products for companies that have raised over $150 million in capital and been acquired by AOL, Morningstar and Liberty Media.