Dinner Conversations

October 25 | 7:00
90 Minutes | Various Restaurants in Downtown Bend

Dinner Conversations is an opportunity for Bend Design attendees to become better connected based on their shared pursuits. This happens in small group conversations hosted by one volunteer willing to make a dinner reservation and propose a focal point for a shared dinner conversation.

To participate, hosts will make dinner reservations at local Bend restaurants and invite other attendees to sign up to join their party for a dinner conversation where design-related pursuits, curiosities and projects are explored.

Turning Up the Volume on Personal and Business Ethos Through Conscious Design Principles

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  • Restaurant: McMenamins
  • Seats: 12
  • Description: Turning Up the Volume on Personal and Business Ethos Through Conscious Design Principles
    Join this dynamic conversation to explore conscious design principles – and how using them can build the life, legacy, and collaborations you desire over time. Everything we do, think, and make has an effect on ourselves and the world around us. Let’s talk about the ethos behind what’s being designed, challenges we encounter, and the power of what’s possible. Discover together how persevering with conscious design principles guides us to make a positive difference as we leave our mark on the world.

Dissecting a Brand

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  • Restaurant: Drake
  • Seats: 10
  • Description: A Conversation About Conversational UIs
    The term brand, brand image, brand identity, brand story, and branding are all thrown around with little understanding of the complexity of what actually makes up a brand. We will explore the complex DNA of a brand, how these traits are directly linked to success or failure, and the power of a brand’s loyalty to be passed down through generations. This is a highly-focused discussion that will not only benefit industry people but any insightful consumer

Scott Lambert

Creative Sustainable and Eco-Intelligent Architecture

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  • Restaurant: Joolz
  • Seats: 10
  • Description: Join a dynamic interactive conversation about Sustainable Architecture as an Eco- Intelligent alternative to conventional environmental design. Let’s discuss what it takes to create homes and buildings that provide environmentally, ecologically and economically stable alternatives to the prevailing current course of depletion and inequitable access to natural resources. Let’s share our aspirations and experience as design professionals and as members of the larger community, progressing—by design- -to a preferred sustainable future.

Behavior and Sustainable Innovative Interior Design

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  • Restaurant: 900 Wall
  • Seats: 10
  • Description: Join our table and explore Sustainable and Innovative Interior Design concepts from a holistic perspective from the home to the office – This conversation will dive into successful design practices and principles; and how the role of occupant behavior is critical to its success! Please join us to share your experiences, or engage and learn from your table mates.

RJ Johnson

Ultra Architecture

Express Yourself! Fashion Design for Life

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  • Restaurant: 10 Below
  • Seats: 10
  • Description: We all know the impact of a “First Impression.” Are you accurately representing yourself when you step into the world? Considering you are the Head Designer of your reality, also consider what you wear both influences and reflects that.Some areas we will discuss in this conversation are:
    • Value of personal expression and Fashion Design: in public, workplace, first encounters
    • Is what we wear as valuable as what we speak and body language?
    • Fashion, Costume, and Textile in traditional cultures expressed in a glance where they are from, place in society, marital status, and religion
    • Techniques & suggestions to go from Unconscious Fashion to Authentic Fashion


Tenley Wallace

You are MORE than your job title

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  • Restaurant: Sun River Brewing (Galveston Location)
  • Seats: 10
  • Description: Graphic Designer, Senior Visual Designer, Creative Director… Does your job title make you feel empowered, engaged and inspired, or does it create arbitrary boundaries that limit your ability to stretch your creativity? Too often we let a job title define our identity, self-esteem, status, and more. When we define ourselves by job titles, it not only limits the way people see us, but also how we see ourselves.Let’s take some time to shed our titles and defined roles and talk about the passion, spark, and vision that drives our work.

Troy Coleman