Design As Protest

October 27 | 8:30
90 Minutes | Deschutes Brewery Tap Room

To protest is to have an unyielding faith in the potential for a just society. It is an act of individual and collective hope, in the face of all evidence to the contrary. The act of protest, requires not only an awareness of true inequality, but a compulsion to speak out against it in its many forms. It is a roadblock to injustice and ultimately an affirmation of its alternatives. Design speaks to these alternatives and attempts to visually and physically represent our collective aspirations for the future. The Design As Protest (DAP) workshop is a Design Justice gathering to bring community members, artist, activists, and designers together in pursuit of a design intervention with the explicit intention of addressing the systemic issues of injustice throughout the built environment. This is an action, using the language of design, to protest the systems, policies, procedures, and people that perpetuate injustice in our world.