Design Equity Tournament by Visible

October 27 | 9:00
5 hours | At Liberty Arts Collaborative


On Bend Design’s third day, we’re partnering with Visible, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing equitable access to the work of the creative industry. In a tournament format with judges, workshop participants will provide new branding to an organization that serves an underrepresented community.  We received a handful of applications from hard-working organizations in our community, and we are thrilled to announce that we will be working with the Latino Community Association.

Some nonprofits don’t have the resources to hire studios and agencies to create effective branding and marketing materials. That means the organizations that are making our world better don’t have access to the very tools they need to amplify their message, multiply their impact, and inspire donors and volunteers to get involved. Want to help? Join in the Design Equity Tournament.


In the Design Equity Tournament Workshop, designers will have the opportunity to create, collaborate, and learn from Visible, the Beauty Shop, and each other. Individuals or teams will create branding for a Central Oregon organization serving one of the following communities or causes: POC, LGBTQ+, immigrants, refugees, disability rights, diversity, environmental rights, healthcare equity, human rights, or civil rights. The project will have a measurable impact on the community.

Bend Design current and past speakers Chris Do, Michael Ellsworth, and Joshua Berger will be onsite during the workshop. They will also judge the work created in the Tournament, together with Julie Lesseg and Denise Hernandez of Visible and The Beauty Shop.The Visible Design Equity Tournament is available to all Bend Design attendees, with cost included in your three-day pass. Those not attending Bend Design may join the tournament for a fee of $25.00. Designers can work alone, as a duo, or a team. Either way, be sure to sign up individually. Sign up here.

All attendees should bring a laptop. During the tournament, all the design files need to be submitted in Adobe Illustrator.


Julie Lesseg: Visible and The Beauty Shop
Denise Hernandez: Visible and The Beauty Shop
Chris Do
: Blind and The Futur
Michael Ellsworth: Civilization
Joshua Berger: Plazm




Welcome and introduce Partner Organization

Describe materials and event schedule/process
Partner Organization provides overview, creative brief, and Q+A


Design time begins!


Halfway Time announcement


One Hour Left announcement



Start preparing your Brand Guide for submission




Finalists announced

5 minute presentations


Winner Announced



See Past Design Equity Tournament

Julie Lesseg

Denise Hernandez