We are grateful to all our sponsors and partners.



ScaleHouse is a group of creative believers working to give shape to a Contemporary Creative Center in Bend. Until we do so, we strive to connect creative thinkers, providing opportunities for artist congregation and collaboration, cross-pollination, education, and exhibition through ScaleHouse Sessions and Education Workshops. Ultimately, ScaleHouse is a place where all of this can happen. Until ScaleHouse is that place, we will continue to explore and refine our mission with the participation of the community by collecting the creative energy that is currently diffused across the community, sparking new ideas, new relationships and awareness of Bend’s rich creative culture.

Board Members: Sandy Anderson, Cristy Lanfri, Kiel Fletcher, Scott Gildbride, René Mitchell, Martha Murray, Cassondra Schindler, Patei Dittman, Angela Reid




Bend Design is supported in part by a grant from the Bend Cultural Tourism Fund. The Bend Cultural Tourism Fund (BCTF) is a grant program dedicated to enhancing the local economy through the promotion and cultivation of Bend’s cultural tourism programs. Grants allocated through the BCTF support art and culture based projects and programs that attract tourists to the City of Bend.



Volunteer Committee

The Bend Design Conference is led by a group of volunteers fiercely passionate about design and creative collaborations. We are:

René Mitchell, Director and Co-Producer
Martha Murray, Operations Director, and Co-Producer
Elise Jones, Marketing Director
Kiel Fletcher, Community Outreach Director
Leah Stephenson, Digital Marketing Director
Lana Bannow, Sponsorship Director and Outreach
Ann Cook, MASH-UP Director
Pamela Armstrong, Programming
Daniel Smith, Programming
Josh Berger, Programming
Greg Amanti, Programming
Cassondra Schindler, Programming
Michele Schnake, Programming
Dawn Smith, Programming
Heather Crank, Programming, Marketing and Exhibits
Shelly Anderson, Marketing
Gabriel James, Marketing and Video Producer
Darlene Veenhuizen, Marketing
Anne-Marie Daggett, Marketing
Rebecca Peterson, Marketing
Patei Dittman, Operations
Babs Stevens, Outreach
Leigh Capozzi, Outreach
Alice LeBlond, Stage Manager
Amanda Long, Photography