Hosted Conversations is an opportunity for Bend Design attendees to become better connected based on their shared pursuits. This happens in small group conversations hosted by one volunteer willing to make a dinner reservation and propose a focal point for a shared dinner conversation.

To participate, hosts will make dinner reservations at local Bend restaurants and invite other attendees to sign up to join their party for a dinner conversation where design-related pursuits, curiosities and projects are explored.

Here is a sampling of the 2016 Hosted Conversations.

Motion Graphics, Animation and Design
Heather Crank

    • Restaurant: Wild Rose
    • Cuisine: Family-run outfit offering regional specialties from Northern Thailand in a lively, warm atmosphere.
    • Seats: 6
    • Average Entree Price Point: $13
    • Description: Come join award winning Designer/Artist Heather Crank (a 12 year veteran in the world of Motion Graphics and Graphic Design) for a discussion about Motion Graphics/Graphic Design trends (virtual reality), getting your work seen, and the trial and tribulations of running a design studio.
    • About Heather Crank: I am a Motion Graphics Artist/Graphic Designer with a BFA in Design from CCA in SF. I run a Design/Motion Graphics collective in Bend/Denver called Crahmanti, and have been in the Design/Motion Graphics business for 12 years.

Social Design: using what we have to do what we can
Shanan Kelley

    • Restaurant: The Drake
    • Cuisine: Bright eatery serving innovative American comfort fare & cocktails in hip, brasserie-like surrounds.
    • Seats: 8
    • Average Entree Price Point: $15
    • Description: This conversation will center around using what we have (skills, resources, passions, ideas, community connects, etc) to do what we can (raise awareness, promote ideals that lift our community, facilitate connection, address social issues, etc). Let’s be open to what is possible! We will listen to each other, encourage the expression of that which feels important, ask silly and serious questions and see where we get. Bring sure to bring your sense of humor and your heart.
    • About Shanan: I am a true creative: I teach yoga, write, produce, act, and host. My current project The Night Light Show presents the stories of local community heroes and artists to captivated (and sold out!) audiences at Tin Pan Theater. I believe collaboration is key, laughter is the best medicine, and self care is essential.

Design in Technology
Reese Mercer

  • Restaurant: Joolz
  • Cuisine: Restaurant with fabric-draped ceilings serving locally sourced Middle Eastern/Southwestern dishes.
  • Seats: 8
  • Average Entree Price Point: $16
  • Description: Great digital experiences are the intersection of the creative and the logical.  Whether you’re a designer or a technologist – how and when do you collaborate with ‘the other’ to help ensure great project outcomes?
  • About Reese Mercer: A ‘thinking dominate’ personality type, but fascinated in how great design and emotions ultimately dominate all interactions on the web and in life in general. As Director of Digital Engagement with a software engineering and technology consulting firm in Bend, I’m interested to explore how great web experiences are the intersection of the creative and the logical.

Designing Hyper-Engaged Communities
Kimberly Paxton-Hagner

  • Restaurant: Joolz
  • Cuisine: Restaurant with fabric-draped ceilings serving locally sourced Middle Eastern/Southwestern dishes.
  • Seats: 5
    Average Entree Price Point: $16
  • Description: Plenty of engaged communities exist where information and conversation flow back and forth from the “leader” to the members. What would be the difference if we had more hyper-engaged communities that were designed to facilitate flows of engagement from “leader” to member as well as from member to member? What if members could then become leaders and grow the community even more? Would that encourage you to be a more active community member? How can we design engagement opportunities that provide room for hyper-engagement? How do we hold space for dynamic engagement while staying focused and productive?
  • About Kimberly Paxton-Hagner: I love to dive into the endless opportunities to connect in Bend. As a board member of World Muse, a founding member of Scalehouse, and super fan of the Night Light Show I’ve seen how people yearn to find a place in an inclusive community. Making amazing things happen is my passion and connecting creative people is my favorite way to achieve that goal. Right now my involvement with CTZNWELL, a non-profit with a mission to catalyze a movement for wellbeing for all, is fueling my desire to explore how igniting people’s need for interconnection can inspire us to act on behalf of the whole.
Tactical Urbanism
Brian Potwin
  • Restaurant: 10 Below
  • Cuisine: Contemporary New American eatery using locally sourced ingredients & pouring regional wines & brews.
  • Seats: 8
  • Average Entree Price Point: $15
  • Description: Guerrilla gardening, Pavement-to-parks, Demonstration Projects and Open Streets are all examples of Tactical Urbanism. These are all urban design interventions of a sort – quick, often temporary, cheap projects that aim to make a small part of a city more lively or enjoyable. These small-scale design interventions are characterized by their community-focus and realistic goals. The goal is not to simply do a cool project that will get cleaned up by the city or thrown away, but to make something – even something temporary – that will change how a place works and is perceived. And once that change has been made, to figure out how it can be made again or made permanent. Come discuss opportunities to design your city.
  • About Brian Potwin: Brian has lived in Central Oregon since the year 2000 and loves to ride bicycles and work with community. Working for Commute Options since 2008, Brian has learned many techniques for outreaching and engaging community in Central Oregon. Brian works with Oregon Safe Routes to School.

Design for Learning Spaces
Tres Tyvand

  • Restaurant: Zydeco
  • Cuisine: Casual restaurant & bar with a patio serving meaty, Cajun-influenced American fare. Gluten-Free menu available
  • Seats: 5
  • Average Entree Price Point: $15
  • Description: What is the impact of space design & aesthetic on learning? Can beautiful, flexible, modern, human-centered learning spaces make a difference in K-12 education?
  • About Tres Tyvand: Blended, online & flexible education specialist working w schools in Bay Area + Start-up Mentor @ GSV Ed Tech Accelerator lab in Redwood City. Previous: 20 years in Bend, OR in K-12 education; former HS English teacher & District Office Program Director. Obsessed with beautiful, collaboration-centric, human-centered design and the impact of aesthetics on teaching & learning.