Lynda Decker understands the creative person. She knows that creative people are able to see connections that others do not. Lynda also understands her clients, allowing for their insight, while guiding them through the design process, while setting realistic expectations. Her concept of Responsive Branding prepares clients to be pro-actively preparing for market shifts rather […]

Bend Design Speaker, Lynette Xanders, returns to Bend Design in 2017 with two sold-out workshops. Lynette is CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy, an insight-based brand strategy, creative development and cultural momentum company. We help companies optimize their branding and marketing efforts to enable them to create something amazing℠. René Mitchell, Bend Design Co-Producer, […]

When we (as part of a privileged class) are confronted with seemingly unsolvable problems like regional hunger, outbreaks of infectious disease, lack of access to clean water, or a mass exodus of refugees from one country to another, it’s easy to ignore the problems because they are “over there.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed and […]

On some level, we know when a space just “feels right.” Sometimes, we can attribute that “unsettled” feeling to a poorly designed space, but maybe we can’t quite put a finger on it, something is just not quite right. John Cary is acutely aware of a space when it has not been designed in service […]

A brief conversation with Evan Clabots, Chief Design Officer at OTHR. Bend Design is proud to bring together visionary leaders who are applying their cultural fluency, technological savvy and creative excellence to shape a better future. In our esteemed mix of design doers is Evan Clabots, Chief Design Officer at OTHR. Launched in 2016, with […]