by Tiffany Lee Brown, a.k.a. T You know when your black-cloaked client sweeps into Starbucks in his jackboots, breathes heavily through his black face mask, and intones, “Come to the Dark Side, Luke”? Probably not. What happens in real life is far more subtle: your nice client just wants engagement and the fabulous social media metrics that […]

Michael Ellsworth is co-founder and principal of the Seattle-based and internationally recognized design firm Civilization. Civilization specializes in building identity systems, digital experiences, printed materials, environmental graphics and exhibitions that are engaging, empathetic, and sustainable, and create meaningful connections. This week Civilization is being honored at The National Design Awards program which celebrates design as a vital […]

  Are today’s innovators solving all the wrong problems? Can we learn from pain? How can a fast-growing city evolve smartly while preserving its character? Will the average business lose its personality before it loses its way? How do design, architecture, sound, and art change the world? To answer life’s important questions, we need innovative thinkers from […]

A Chat With Ryan Summers: We can safely assume that Ryan Summers is never bored. His work in motion graphics – whether he is hands-on in the thick of it, directing a team, or mentoring young upstarts through their projects – signifies an unparalleled passion for the industry. Summers pushes himself professionally and personally, putting […]